LBB X MishtooMade: Sign Up For This Exclusive Woodworking Workshop For Beginners


    LBB X MishtooMade Woodworking Workshop

    Sat | Jan 29
    11AM - 6PM
    Free Entry

    What's Happening?

    Calling architects, interior designers & students in the field based in Delhi to sign for fun, and unique workshop! LBB in collaboration with the good folks at MishtooMade have organised one of our firsts, an exclusive Woodworking Workshop for Beginners and that's not even the best part because we haven't told you that it's a FREE class. 

    Now that you know that this is a once-in-a-lifetime type of opportunity, let us tell you what's in store for you. Founder of MishtooMade and ace woodworker, Sulakshana will be leading this 7-hour workshop on 29 January, 2022 from 11 am to 6 pm. This beginner's class will start by introducing you to wood as a material and will teach you how to identify the different kinds of solid and engineered wood. The class will focus on handheld power tools such as a circular saw, jigsaw, random orbital sander and palm sander.

    Participants will also learn about wood finishes using oils, stains and top coats. Each participant will leave with their creation which is usually some sort of serving platter. Remember, the focus of this class is not on the product at the end of the day but the experience of woodworking as a whole.

    Read all terms and conditions below under the "Make A Note Section".

    How’s the venue?

    The class will be conducted offline at MishtooMade's Woodworking Workshop located in Kondli, Delhi.

    Make a note

    -We will be cherry picking ONLY SIX participants for this event. And the participants who have an interior design/architectural background will be given preference. 

    -Make sure to answer all the questions asked when registering for the event. 

    -Please apply only if you are really interested as this is a full-fledged workshop.

    -Double vaccination certificate is a prerequisite. We will check for this on the day.

    -MishtooMade will be providing all the necessary tools for this event.

    -There will be a break for lunch, make sure to pack your own dabba or you can order when here. We will not be providing food.

    Also note that a confirmation of registration DOES NOT guarantee a spot for this event. Selected participants will be emailed and contacted separately by Team LBB. We will NOT be accomodating plus ones for this event.


    Entry is absolutely FREE

      LBB X MishtooMade Woodworking Workshop

      Sat | Jan 29
      11AM - 6PM
      Free Entry