By Suchita S. 

Cool breeze, freak rain, and a thundering sky… While some are rejoicing the delayed Spring/Summer, I anticipate this being the weather gods’ forewarning to what Delhi’s most despised season will bring. Along with the heat, burn and sweat, there’s another problem that plagues us in the Summer – clouds of dust that take over the city! To walk around Delhi, we’re putting our Janpath chappals, Havianas and Superdry flip-flops, and suede loafers aside; there’s a new shoe in town to keep us cool through the summer.

Say hello to Toms.

Who’s Toms?

They’re called the Yoga dudes shoes, the one-for-ones, and this startup is using all the goodwill to make millions and help millions around the world. But this philanthropy’s not at the cost of innovation in design and fashion, and that’s what makes them click, even with Knox Jolie Pitt.

Technically, Toms are alpargatas – a loafer-esque shoe that originates from Argentina. Interestingly, the guy behind Toms is not someone called Tom. Started by Blake Mycoskie, Toms is a derivative of ‘tomorrow;’ his idea to create a better tomorrow. Though charitable in its setup, the crew at Toms is focused on creating products that are well designed; they’ve tweaked the alpargata in their own unique way, moving away from a jute sole, and expanding on the canvas construction. From the classic Toms which come in red, black, blue and beige, to their latest bling-friendly sequins range, and more hippie patterns and prints like tie and dye, Nepali stripes, and geometric patterns, there’s a design for everybody! Besides just looking the part, Toms are my wardrobe staple because of how comfortable and light they are. Whether I’m pacing up and down the streets of Shahpur Jat, making my way to the gym, or just breaking into a brisk walk to the market close to our office, all the running around is better while wearing shoes that keep my feet at ease.

Buy one, Give one free

Though they’ve become a bit of a fad, there’s no taking away from Toms’ ‘One for One’ philosophy. For each pair you buy, Toms gives a pair to someone in need, and over the past couple of years they’ve given away over 10 million pairs! Good karma aside, Toms are the summer friendly {and affordable} pair of shoes to have. Your feet won’t feel like the surface of the sun, or look like you’ve walked through a desert, because your Toms, literally, have you covered. Though they have separate collections for men and women, their designs {like this Red Brazilian weave} are unisex for the most part. My 2014 summer Toms are going to be these retro inspired tie and dye alpargatas.


Notes in our Little Black Book |

Stay cool this season with a pair of Toms! They’ve got something for the corporate, hippie, boho, indie, fashion and party type. AND bonus  points  for making a difference with each pair you buy.

Toms are available at:

Second Floor Studio | At 417 Shahpur Jat; 39 Khan Market, Second Floor, New Delhi

They have a wide range of Toms {including wedges and brogues} to choose from. I bought my tie and dye pair from the Shahpur Jat outlet.

Moon River | D 16 Defence Colony, New Delhi

Price range | INR 3700 upwards

They’ve expanded into wedges, juttis {India, represent!}, brogues, and eyewear too. Oh, and if you’re fancy like that, check out the customization service on Neiman Marcus.