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#LBBEvent! Hip Hop Night at Fio Cookhouse

Ipsita posted on 8th September

Nothing quite brings out the inner gangsta in us like some mean hip-hop beats and a few crazy dance moves to match ‘em. So join us at Fio Cookhouse, where we are throwing the funkiest hip-hop party in town!

Get ur freak on!

Gather ‘round, folks. For those of you who can’t step on the dance floor without a few drinks in {and even for those who can}, we have great deals on cocktails and bar snacks, no worries. There's going to be 1+1 deals the entire night on Bira, so make you sure you ask your waiter to hook you up. Plus, we'll even have the resident DJ of Fio, Mr. Konjugate Bass {aka Kaushal Khandelwal, who’s been DJing for six years now}, to help you get your funk on. Hell yeah!

You pick, we play. Foreals.

We know this night already sounds pretty rad to begin with, but there’s a way we can make it even better. If you pick out your favourite hip-hop tunes and let us know, we’ll make sure to include them in the exclusive playlist for the night. All you got to do is fill up the form below. Pretty sweet, huh?

When: 18th Sep, 8.30pm onwards {entry is expected to close by 10.30, so we suggest you get there as early as possible}

Where: Fio Cookhouse & Bar, Epicuria, Nehru Place

You are requested to follow all club rules and dress-code.

Sign up here: