#LBBInterview: Catching Up With Master Chef, Sarah Todd

Urvee posted on 9th June

Possibly one of the more well-known faces to leave the MasterChef Australia kitchen, we recently caught up with Sarah Todd who, after having opened her own restaurant in Goa, will now be seen on a new show, Serve It Like Sarah. Here, she tells LBB about Delhi, MasterChef, and her restaurant Antares.

I’m sure you’ve been asked this a lot, but how did MasterChef change your life?

MasterChef was a rocket into the food industry. It opened me up to new people and places, and gave me the confidence to trust my instinct and realise my potential in the food industry. In particular, it took me on a journey through India and from there on to my own new series on FOX Life—which is a different take on exploring new places, meeting new people and learning newer things.

Tell us a bit about the new show?

In the show, viewers will get to see Goa through my eyes. I’ll be visiting offbeat, unusual places in Goa, meeting new people as well as old friends, climbing coconut trees and cooking fusion dishes using local produce in your own style, along with conserving nutrition without compromising on flavours.

What made you decide to move to Goa?

Goa reminds me a lot of my home town. I’m from the Great Barrier Reef in Australia so it’s very relaxed, tropical, with an abundance of seafood and summer fruits. This drew me to Goa and I have loved it ever since.

We know you love Delhi too! What is your favourite restaurant here?

Delhi is one of my favourite cities to visit. I always head to Indian Accent for a killer meal, and The Wine Company for a fun night with lots of great wine.

Are you planning on opening a restaurant in Delhi soon? Would be great to see a TV show on that too!

I would love to open a restaurant in Delhi one day; for now I’m excited to go through a fun season at Antares in Goa.

What are your thoughts on street food in India? Any favourites?

I love Indian street food. I always stop off for a Frankie when I’m in Delhi, and I also did my own version of pani puri on Serve It Like Sarah. A kingfish pani puri! Delhi is my place for eating out, I like to try new restaurants every time I go there. It’s crazy I know, but food is my work and my pleasure.