#LBBLoves: Where To Design Your Own Shoes

Is it just us, or are most shoes we see in shops, just…not right? There’s usually a random buckle ruining everything. So we tried out three websites that sell custom-make shoes. These include ballerinas, block heels and even strappy heels. Shoe-lovers, thank us later.

Tiesta Shoes

Carrie Bradshaw’s collection of shoes in Sex and the City left us with major #goals. To fulfill these, we went to Tiesta Shoes.

What to Get:
We think their glitter painted golden ballerinas in different styles are plain gorgeous. Loafers with metallic golden sheen or half close ballets, or their ankle strap sandals, are both perfect for adding the glamour quotient to an outfit.

What We Thought:
They also have a similar 3D designing tool, which is easy to use and follow. In fact, they have ‘user commission’ wherein a customer can design shoes, and get paid for it.

Apart from this, customers can choose from their in-house designs. The material varies from shiny to suede to anything that the customer really wants.

#LBB Tip: Get in touch with them directly if you have designer’s block. The Tiesta team can help conceptualise the design.

Price: INR 1,200 upwards

Find them on Instagram here


We love our old faithful sneakers, but it was time for an upgrade. We checked out Sneakaboo.in, a website that offers customised, hand-painted sneakers to its users.

We were able to choose from their catalogue designs, or hand in our own designs. The sneakers are handpainted with waterproof paint, so consider these monsoon-proof.

#LBB Tip: Check out the Calvin and Hobbes sneakers before it goes out of stock.

Price: INR 1,000 – INR 3,000

Delivery: Free with cash on delivery option for Delhi and Mumbai. INR 150 delivery charges for other cities.

Find them on Instagram here