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This Gorgeous Jewellery Is Made Of Upcycled Trash, And We're Diggin It

Jayati posted on 24th September

Ten-Second Takeaway

Ba No Batwo is about sustainable fashion. They make beautiful and handcrafted jewellery {as well as home-decor items} out of upcycled junk material, and we’re loving it.

What To Buy

Ba No Batwo was started off in 2015 with a simple philosophy; promoting organic, nature-friendly products, and helping the planet while you’re at it.  They use rubbish like glass bottles, old clothes and other textile waste, recycle it, and handcraft colourful earrings, neck pieces, wall hangings, bookmarks and so much more out of it for the fashion-forward eco-warriors out there.

We love how every product has a unique name with a quirky theme to it. For example the bookmarks are named Kitabi Keeda {bookworms} with literal worms figures as bookmarks. We also have our eyes on the neck-pieces, our favourites being the quirky blue nartaki jewellery set {INR 699}, green rangrakriti {INR 599} and, if we’re in the mood for fancy indulgence, the gorgeous Indigo-leaf block-printed statement piece {which is also our absolute favourite}. The chappalshaped earrings are cute too, as are the dangerous black khopdi {skull} earrings to up the quirk factor.

So, We're Saying...

Saving the planet just became more fashionable with Ba No Batwo. We can shop for eco-friendly products and contribute to society, all the while sitting at home without splurging out an exorbitant amount of money. It’s all about guilt-free, feel-good shopping closure.

Price: Earrings for INR 199 upwards, neck pieces for INR 350 upwards, and bookmarks for INR 100 upwards

To shop go here, and here, and find them on Facebook here.

Ba No Batwo