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Leaf It To Them | Salad Days in Gurgaon

Aditi posted on 25th August

By Aditi Datta

We haven’t heard the term ‘salad days’ since our grandfathers mentioned their bachelor lives. Usually used to describe someone’s hey day, perhaps we don’t use it much because our moments of high glory are associated more with cardinal sins that don’t inspire much positive connotation.

It’s never too late to right your wrongs, my child. With wedding season around the corner, here’s a better way than a cornflakes challenge to feel ready for the season of rum rum rum rum rum, whiskey.

Salad Days started in Gurgaon earlier this year, because XLRI graduates and ex-bandmates in Bodhi Tree, Varun and Kunal, decided to live the dream of boldly quitting their corporate jobs {like most Gurgaon denizens swear to do at least once a week}.

Inspired by their international travels where they discovered that fresh tomatoes do indeed have a taste unto themselves, they decided to bring back the salad days {hey!} of salads.

The salad delivery specialists have proved to be quite popular with office workers of Cyber City, and for good reason too. Despite our best intentions, demanding work schedules overtake our vows to be better to ourselves. Assembling and packing a good salad takes a bit more commitment than we demonstrate towards our deadlines.

Their menu, which can ordered online or on the phone, includes vegetarian, non-vegetarian and fruit options. The Waldorf Salad has been modified with the addition of grapes and mint, while the walnuts get a bit more love by being candied. We liked the Asian Chicken Noodle Salad, and the never-go-wrong Greek Salad. Don’t expect to be dazzled by culinary wizardry; instead, take a minute to enjoy the crisp taste of well sourced fruit and vegetables, as well as subtly flavoured dressings, all made in-house.

Given their emphasis on freshness and quality ingredients, it’s hardly surprising {but still a pleasant discovery} to know that Salad Days has their own garden patch in which they will grow more types of produce in seasons to come. All herbs used in their salads are already grown on the premises, and are freshly picked right before they are packed, because, as Kunal reminds us, packed herbs seem to suffer the most on their journey from farm to plate.

Supporting start-ups all over, they use extra virgin olive oil grown by a family-owned farm in Greece, and respect geographical protection by importing balsamic only produced from Modena in Italy. What we get is neatly packaged salad packs with sticker-coded dressings, condiments, and cutlery, straight to our desks.

Coming up soon, in the face of colder months, are grain based salads like quinoa and ragi which, unlike revenge, are dishes not necessarily best served cold.

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Fresh salad options for lunch, dinner or those snacky times in between can be ordered online or on the phone, for delivery to homes and offices in Gurgaon. Well-sourced produce, garden-picked herbs and chef certified in-house dressings make for a crisp, new service that we’re only too happy to give a toss about.

To place an order or for more information: Call +91-9643 800 901/02/03 or click here 

Price: Salads start at INR 170; along with complimentary garlic bread, they make a whole meal for one. Subscription plans available at INR 2500, INR 3500 and INR 4000.

Salad Days

Delivery Services