Learn The Finer Nuances Of Cooking At This Chef’s Exclusive Workshop!

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    What’s Happening?

    ‘Anybody can cook,’ said chef Gustav in the Pixar classic Ratatouille and we’ve always stuck to that belief. If you think that your cooking begins and ends by making a packet of instant noodles at home, then you’re not even trying. The lockdown, however, has had different ideas for us and while the world has changed considerably, most of us have improved our survival skills - the most important one being cooking. 

    The person making instant noodles can make a decent meal, but what if they want to take their skill sets up by another notch? Enter Aarti Gupa of Wicked. This Chef Patissier, who has been trained at the French Culinary School - Le Cordon Bleu, London, offers you private sessions at competitive rates.

    She has gained valuable experience at some of the top bakeries and restaurants in Europe, prior to starting her culinary journey in India. Aarti Gupta has a studio called Wicked which is based in Lado Sarai that she started in 2007. Wicked is a multi faceted company that deals with making Handcrafted Mithai,  Healthy roasted nuts in interesting flavours, French Florentines and of course creating delicious cakes & cookies. They curate interesting gifting concepts for some of the niche and classy weddings all over India and undertake bulk orders for Corporates , festivals and other announcements. In case your mind is blown, don’t worry so is ours! Aarti Gupta personally understands the requirements of her clients to curate a distinguished gifting product that is not only unique in taste but the overall packaging too. Their nuts are retailed on Amazon and are supplied all across the country. A mighty talented company for sure! 

    Aarti Gupta ’s private sessions are a great way for you to bond with your family and friends, no matter where you all are! She is extremely patient while teaching and can accommodate from 15-40 people in just a single session. Like we mentioned earlier, the pricing is competitive with a weekend class costing INR 1,000 per person or INR 15,000 for a group session. We think it’s worth every penny because how often do you get to interact with such great talent, where skills are passed on to make your life a little more exciting? It’s gourmet, it’s classy, with rich trimmings all around - it’s the perfect place for a virtual getaway that involves a lot of food. 

    Aarti’s step-by-step instructions and range of cuisine - French Patisserie, Italian, Asian, Mediterranean, and of course Indian - are prized everywhere, so if you’re really wanting to raise the bar, sign up! It’s the perfect way to bond with your near and far friends and family over some great recipes, don’t you think? 

    Make A Note

    Make sure you hit the BOOK NOW button and request a session 3 days in prior. Kindly note that these workshops have limited seats. Wicked will be sending you the confirmation and ZOOM link via email, so do check your mail once you’ve registered. Aarti Gupta  also undertakes weekend cookery courses for food enthusiasts that run over approximately 2 hours. She caters to all levels ranging from and basic to an intermediary to also an expert. You can also check out both Wicked and Aarti Gupta's Instagram page for more information! Wicked also caters to Kitty Parties, Fun Reunions, Virtual Weekend Getaway with friends and corporate events to name a few.

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