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Leaving Town And Don't Know Where To Leave Your Pet? These Guys Can Help!

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There is an awesome update for all you pet parents out there. Especially the ones who travel a lot or are always craving a vacation but can’t because you know, you’re a pet parent and they can’t be left alone. Well, there’s a beautiful resolve to this and no, it’s not an animal shelter.

Your Very Own Pupper Keepers

Whatspup, the online caretakers of all your pet needs has started a very efficient service of giving your pets home for the duration you’re away. Be it three hours, three days or three weeks, they have a home ready for your pets through their ‘guest a pet’ section, on their website.

No More Ruff Times!

So it’s really simple. All you have to do is log on to their website and hit the ‘guest a pet’ button. If you’re looking for someone to foster your pet in the comfort of their home, while you’re away, just click on the ‘register as a pet parent button’. If you LOVE animals and want to foster some at your place, you can click on ‘register as a house sitter’ button. The best part- you get paid to house sit others pets!

Check out their website here.

So We’re Saying…

Definitely become a member on their website for such excellent service. They’re slowly forming a network of house sitters for your puppers in the city, so maybe you can help them. Imagine a house full of adorable ‘lil pets…bliss!