Sunaina posted on 15th December

Here Are The 7 Shops In Humayunpur You Need To Know

Ten-Second Takeaway

We went down the lanes of Humayunpur one fine evening and were taken aback to find some really kickass shops for shoes, jackets, bags and make-up! Here’s our take on the top seven shops.

Bangkok Street

This is one of the first shops you’ll encounter. It’ll catch your eye with their loud, colourful and funky lingerie neatly stacked on hangers. Be it some sexy lace panties or your usual cat print padded bras, you’ll find all your usual shapes and sizes for just INR 150 & INR 350.

Of course all this is directly imported from Bangkok, so be careful of the sizes.

Runway Fashion

A little further down, you’ll find this shop selling some high-end stuff at not very expensive prices. They have some incredible jackets starting at INR 3,000, and of course they have some boots to match those jackets.

We wouldn’t want to shop for boots here though, as there are cheaper shops ahead, but they’re definitely worth a second look.


We had to stop at this cute little shop whilst the lovely shopkeeper was decorating her Christmas tree. We stopped to say hello and found some really awesome footwear.

If you’re looking to wear some swanky high heels with that beautiful dress then this is the shop to explore. Starting at INR 1,000, they also have everyday office heels and some rather comfy boots.

Selective Collection

The bags here were the cutest ever. Made of wicker with beautiful lace and bows wrapped around them, you’re going to want to get your hands on all of them!

Starting at INR 1,200, they’re mainly imported, and will look super trendy for a brunch or an outdoorsy lunch.


Urbanatic had an unusual collection of boots which looked long and sturdy, just like our Delhi winters! They were placed beautifully in shades of grey, purple, tan and black priced at INR 4,000.

They also have a big collection of sneakers from adidas and Nike, starting at INR 3,000. When asked, we were informed they were indeed copies; but without a doubt, the best copies ever!

Runway Beauty

This shop has some very unique brands of cosmetics, all imported from Thailand. From your very pink blushers to Aloe Vera eyebrow powder, this shop has it all.

We also found some nice jewellery, shades and facial scrubs and masks. The starting price for products here is INR 500.

Tenzin Jampa Store

Just in case you’re done with clothes, shoes and bags there is a really cool Tibetan store around the corner, which sells delicious Tibetan pastes, noodles, chutneys and tinned fish.

If you love to cook, you must indulge yourself here.

Juice & Milkshake Shops