6 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Visit The Valley Of Flowers This Monsoon

What Makes It Awesome

So the sun's scorching down on your head {at least in most parts of the country}, and you're looking for an escape to cooler climates. Make a trip to the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand, and I bet you you haven’t seen anything as beautiful as this. Water droplets sprawling on beautiful, multicoloured petals and flowers growing everywhere await you. If this isn't incentive enough, here are 6 more reasons why you should trek to the Valley of Flowers: 1. Surreal View: Let your Eyes have a treat this summer! The view is splattered with colours that you can't even imagine, which will continue to linger in your memory and give you the happiest feelings. And, the smell! The variety of flowers here come together to offer a fragrance better than any of your imported perfumes. 2. High altitude but easy to do: Been dreaming of hiking to high places without the effort? In this trek, you climb to an altitude as high as 3650m with lesser effort, walking on a gradual slope and a unpaved path. Your fellow trekkers will be hospitable enough to keep you motivated, in case you lose hope. 3. Become the Centre of Attraction: Smartphone or a DSLR, amateur or a professional photographer, the moments captured in any of your devices are going to make you a superhero for days to come. Once you're back, you'll find your friends trying to sneak into your picture gallery and of course, they will be all ears when you tell your tales from your time in the Valley of Flowers. 4. Spiritual Surroundings: With Gurudwara Shri Hemkund Sahib just a little away from you, you have all the chances to seek holy blessings by adding just a day extra. And don’t forget to sit for the langar here, and dip in the freezing cold water. The view from the top might seem out of a book; but pinch yourself, it's all real. 5. Lose yourself in the lap of Himalayas: While walking on the steep hill, you also get to surround yourself with the mighty Himalayan peaks. The cherry on top is that you also surpass waterfalls en route Valley of Flowers, only the sound of which can take away all your fatigue. You also get a fascinating glimpse of Himalayan peaks such as Hathi Parbat, Neelkanth, Ghori Parbat, and Rataban. 6. Perfect Weather: With the rain, expect lush green surroundings, and wildlife steps out around you; it's your chance to witness the natural surroundings at its best. The temperature is perfect, giving you a perfect escape from the heat. Decided? Great. I'd recommend embarking on this trip with Renok Adventures. Head over to their website to book an adventure with them: www.renokadventures.com!