Mutton, Pork Or Prawns: This Cook Makes Divine Pickles That Will Remind You Of Home


    Let’s Meat by Parina Chugh specialises in delivering home-cooked meals by the kilo and raw meats. What caught our attention, however, was their selection of spicy pickles – think prawn, mutton, chicken or pork.

    Meat By The Kilo

    Started by a home cook {and Gurgaon resident} Parina Chugh, Let’s Meat has been wowing meat lovers in the city with fresh, flavourful meals and snacks, delivered straight home. Her menu includes an assortment of non-veg and vegetarian snacks, biryani by the kilo as well as chicken and mutton preparations {including Butter Chicken!}.

    Since everything is available by kg, we think you’d be wise to stock up on snacks like Chicken Cutlets, Fish Fingers or Hara Bhara Kebabs and de-freeze as and when required.

    If you’re having a rager at home, impress your guests with her delicious, fragrant biryani – a kilo of Mutton Dum Biryani costs INR 1,200 and we’ve heard amazing things about Parina’s Kathal Biryani, so you don’t alienate your veggie friends.

    In A Pickle

    Even if you’re content with dal chawal for dinner {let’s face it, this is the ultimate desi comfort food}, spice things up with one of her home-made meat pickles. It’s amazing how a teaspoon of achaar can inspire a wave of nostalgia as well as make you feel just a little bit closer to home. We’d start with a bottle of the Prawn Pickle, that retails for INR 2,000 per kilo. While this seems steep, it should see you through at least a month’s worth of dinners.

    So, We're Saying...

    If you’re missing ghar ka khaana, Let’s Meat is as close as it gets. Place your orders by calling Parina at +918851202616 or drop her a WhatsApp.

    PS: Make sure you give her two days’ notice.