Life's A Piece Of Cake At Appetite German Bakery In Paharganj

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Located in Paharganj’s bustling main market, Appetite German Bakery is something of a legend; famous for their cakes and cups of tea.

Let Them Eat Cake

Shopping in Paharganj is no mean feat; chances are you’ll be pushed around by swarms of fellow bargain shoppers and over-enthusiastic hawkers. Shopping is hard work anyway, but navigating the streets of this hippie paradise leaves your feet tired and your blood sugar levels dangerously low.

So on a recent trip, when we spotted Appetite German Bakery, we were more than ready for a slice of their famous cakes. The restaurant itself is unimpressive and, at first glance, we couldn’t quite see why those who tried their almond cake couldn’t get enough. Everything changed after the first bite, though.

Don't You Carrot At All?

We got ourselves a slice of their lemon cake and the restaurant-recommended carrot cake. They were priced at INR 70 {we love Paharganj for its affordability!} but their portions are huge. We also spotted cinnamon rolls for INR 35, so stop by for a quick snack at Appetite even if your salary hasn’t come in yet.

Can we talk about the cakes? They were perfect; incredibly soft and moist, packed with flavour without being overly sweet. We’re okay eating cake everyday if it comes from Appetite. Wash it down with a cup of honey lemon tea and we promise you’ll have the energy to brave the streets of Paharganj again.

So We're Saying...

Amidst some rumours that Appetite would shut down this year, we’re rather pleased to see it holding its ground. We’ll be going back for a slice of Almond Cake soon.