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Light Up Your Homes With This Trendy & Classy Collection Of Lamps

Sunaina posted on 8th May

Ten-Second Takeaway

Always wondered where to score the perfect lamp to go with your room or your study? Orange Tree does some fantastic lamps along with some really funky home décor, just about right. They have a lamp to fit every corner of your house or office space and you will fall in love with their style.

Get Lit

From table lamps, to floor lamps to even tea light candles, these guys can really light up your world {read home} and confuse you with their awesomely huge collection. We love some of their floor lamp collection and of course the very thoughtfully designed shade{s} they use for the lamps. Have a look at their collection here and get lit already!

What Else Is In Store?

Apart from lamps they also cater do basic furniture. If you want to gift someone that authentic yet funky piece of wall art, these guys will help you find the right things. Quirky and funky, most of their home décor is made from wrought iron and gives walls that very antique-y look, we love.

The trendiest thing to do this season is decorate your wall with their wall shelves which look trendy yet classy at the same time. Definitely check out their stuff and mix and match it to give that corner in your house a completely new look. Here’s what you can find.

So We’re Saying…

Most of their stuff {although not too expensive} is on sale. You can place your orders now or give them a shout to help you decide what you can get to suit your homes.

Orange Tree

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