Like Chips? Try The Jackfruit, Karela & Pepper Banana Ones Here

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Life’s what happens to you when all your chips are down – in the bowl, we mean. If you don’t know already, we have a weakness for chips and we take them very seriously.

If you’re a chips-loving snack monster too, you need to check out Hot Chips, a south Indian shop that sells roasted cookies, local namkeen, and and and freshly fried chips in Mayur Vihar.

Aloo, Is It Me You’re Looking For?

There’s a rudimentary live counter set-up where you can see the chip man slicing potatoes after potatoes over an industrial size wok, frying them till they’re a lovely golden brown.

They are then neatly packaged at the shop as regulars stop by to pick up their favourites on their way back home.

And guess what, Hot Chips was buzzing even when the currency mess had put other hot spots in the market out of business. If that doesn’t convince you to check out the gold that rests in this tiny {but stocked to the brim} establishment, we don’t know what will.

Are You A Tough Cookie?

While we hate to differentiate between chips, we have to admit that their banana chips are the best in town, and jackfruit come a close second. We also sampled the karela chips but being dead against the vegetable, we could only about mildly appreciate this version.

The potato ginger and potato pudina weren’t bad either. All the variants come with a sprinkle of house masalas, making them chips a cut above the rest.

So We’re Saying…

The shop owner’s sweet enough to let you sample different versions before you make the final decision and he isn’t stingy with the tasting quantity either. Who’s going crunch crunch now? 

Also, while the chips here are a hot favourite, the cookies and murukku, onion pakoras, mathris and signature south Indian mixtures are no less. Basically, pick your snack of choice depending on whether you’re going to pair it with chai or cocktails.


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