Figure Drawing To Learning Personal Branding, This App Will Help You Build Your Skills

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What Makes It Awesome

While we're all getting better at doing household chores, it's also a great time for us to learn more skills and grow professionally. LinkedIn Learning is one of the services provided by the leading Jobs & Networking portal, LinkedIn. They've got over 16,000 courses (wow!) that are taught by industry experts.

The courses are broadly divided into three categories- Business, Creative and Technology. Under these, you can find almost anything that you want to learn. Whether it's something as basic as learning how to use the Microsoft suite or something as specific as learning design for Mechatronics (pretty cool, right?) We're definitely signing up for their course on Silhouette Photography by Erika Thornes. The website is extremely user friendly, all you need to do is sign in through your LinkedIn account, choose the area you want to take the courses in and you're all set. They even have an app (for both Android and iOS users) where you can access these courses on your smartphones.

Did we tell you what is the best part about them? Apart from the fact that you can access a gazillion of courses online, you can learn according to your own time and preference. You can also download their courses for offline viewing (keeps getting better). Their AI is pretty cool because it recommends personalized courses based on your search and viewing. Once completed, you can add these certificates to your LinkedIn profile. We'd suggest you get started right away! 

What Could Be Better

We wish they'd give free access to some of their more foundational courses. 


While their app is free to download, you'd have to buy a monthly or yearly subscription in order to access the courses. They have a free trial for a month after which you'll be required to pay INR 1,400 a month.