Pork, Salmon & Lamb: Lionfresh Delivers Fresh Meats Home


Making supreme quality imported and Indian meats and seafood accessible at super competitive prices, bookmark Lionfresh for all your meat supplies—fresh, frozen, ready-to-eat, and slow cooked.

Hello, Is It Meat You’re Looking For?

The team behind Le Carne Cuts has expanded their product range, and aren’t we glad for it! Lionfresh, an online meat and meat products delivery outfit, caters to all your meat needs and offers a plethora of options; cooked, processed and raw.

Their range of slow cooked meats is an absolute delight. We sampled the pork belly, ribs, tenderloin, pulled pork and lamb shank, and each one is truly special. Cooked for seven-eight hours at a controlled temperature using the sous vide technique, these are ridiculously simple to prepare.

Defrost, reheat, and turn into a restaurant quality dish with choice of sauce/side. These are then delivered in vacuum-sealed bags with serving instructions, and are handy to stack in the freezer to turn into gourmet burgers or wraps in a matter of minutes.

From the fresh category, we sampled the rack of lamb–well butchered, great texture, and needed only a simple marinade to elevate the naturally tasty lamb. We also tried the Norwegian salmon fillets, which come neatly sealed, and are so fresh that they need only need a quick sear and a light seasoning to be plate-ready.

Packaging FTW

The quality of the Lionfresh products speaks for itself, and stands out as a significant market differentiator. Their pork belly is a total knockout, and we can’t recommend it highly enough. The online ordering system is effortless and delivery efficient, making meat shopping completely painless and hustle-free. Brownie points for hygienic, neat packaging!

Where: Order online here {free delivery on all orders above INR 700}

Price: Starting at INR 160 {raw}, INR 325 onwards {slow cooked}