This New Child-Friendly Eatery Is Not Your Typical Family Restaurant

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Little.BIG in Gurgaon is a new cafe and restaurant where both parents and their kids can have a blast (without one worrying about the other). Bonus: They even have a cool play area for children!

What Makes It Awesome

There are very few spaces that let grown-ups include their children in social outings. A place's decor (parents' nightmare: electric sockets), the lack of adequate food options for kids or options to keep them entertained are just some of the many problems. Enter Little.BIG. It's a stress-free dining lounge for parents where they've got everything from child safety to entertainment options sorted. 

The corners of tables at Little.BIG are rounded, they've got padding under them as well (so if kids go under the table and bump their heads, they don't hurt themselves) and the seats here can be adjusted to comfortably accommodate everyone from a six month old infant to six year olds. All electric sockets are beyond kids' reach, their crockery is break-proof (steel glasses etc.) and they've even created a viewing deck in front of the kitchen, where children can see what's being cooked through a large glass window.

Coming to the menu, they've got a separate DIY Bowl menu for children between six months to one and a half years (with options for fruits, grains, spices, texture etc.) and another one for two to six years as well. The portion sizes for these dishes are also much smaller so parents won't have to finish their child's meal. Also, expect a separate beverages menu with the 'Little' option for kids (100ml) and a 'Big' option for adults. 

From the kids menu, we tried the Animal Toasties (Bear-shaped bread crostinis with cheese corn and mushroom dip) and the Rainbow Hummus & Pita with carrot, parsley and red cabbage hummus. While children will definitely love the latter dish's colours, the toasties will be the ultimate comfort food for them (we couldn't get enough of their cheesy corn). We also tried the Miso Glazed Salmon with Soba Noodles (from the grown-ups menu) that tasted super fresh, was filling and the most perfect lunch one could ask for. 


Little.BIG has a plastic-free play area right opposite the restaurant, where you can let your kids play and chill for a fee of INR 500 (they can go in and out whenever they wish to during their meal at the restaurant). 

The folks here also organise a bunch of fun, interactive activities for kids like cooking workshops, farm tours etc. To stay updated with all these events (and to sign up for the same), follow them on Facebook/Instagram.