Ten Second Takeaway

An exclusive community, Primo Privilege is your ticket to special deals across venues in the city, in addition to singular access to events and clubs that host Delhi’s international community.

Just the tip of the ‘berg

What they do is give you a card {think of it as membership proof} as well as a voucher booklet. All you have to do is flash either one of those; you’re entitled to over a 15% discount when you use your card and a one-time deal depending on the voucher in question. You can also expect private events, deals on Fratelli wines and so much more.

Think one of those snazzy gentlemen’s clubs {even though it caters to ladies and gentlemen alike} you’ve seen in many a movie; you’ll be living the all-access life.

What brands are we talking?

Considering that, so far, membership was open only to the expat community {and made very difficult otherwise as well}, the brands they’ve tied up with are top notch. From PCO, Olive Qutub, Piano Man Jazz Club to Toni & Guy, I Say Organic and Foodhall, you can expect nothing but the best.

How do I get in on this?

You’re an LBB reader, so you get to skip the usual {and mandatory} screening process. Instead, head on over to this link and gain your access. Use the code ‘LBBPRIMO’ for your very special discount.

Get ready for your new life.

Price: INR 6,000 {before discount}

Find out more about them here.