Classy Champi Specialist, Lokinder At Asian Roots Is A Magician

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For the best hair massage I’ve got in Delhi, make an appointment with Lokinder at Asian Roots, Safdarjung Enclave.

Who Is It Best For?

If your tresses are looking stressed, we suggest you pay him a visit. While Asian Roots has been a go-to for many a South Delhi lady and gentleman for their spa and salon services, the real find for me was Lokinder who takes the cake for the best hair massage {a la classy champi} I have got in Delhi.

What We Loved

Lokinder’s been at Asian Roots for about a year now, and I find myself perched on a chair once a month getting my dry hair nourished by him. I’m extremely particular about hair-care services, and have tried hair massages at a bunch of parlours in town.

Magic Man

Lokinder isn’t only really good at his job, he actually takes the time to understand what the problem is {dry-as-a-desert texture/scalp issues/stressed and in need for someone to press your head) and works his magic accordingly.

A hair massage typically lasts about 30 – 40 minutes after you select an oil {I prefer coconut} which is then heated up and applied gently to your hair and scalp.

What follows is a super relaxing neck and shoulder massage; I’ve been guilty of passing out during these. What I’ll also add is that Lokinder is super professional, so no wandering hands here, thank the lords.

Because Lokinder is a rockstar, he has his own set of secret oil-blends that he keeps for a few clients. He recently applied this mustard oil mixed with methi and curry leaves to my hair which had me smelling like a South Indian restaurant; and hey, they look great, too. Become his friend. You could smell like a South Indian restaurant, too.