Looking For Awesome Nehru Jackets? Khadi India’s Got Plenty

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We love Nehru jackets. They look so damn good, and we found an awesome collection of these beauties at Khadi India.

Nehru Says What?

That you should go for their jackets for sure {well, he didn’t really, but we’re betting he would have if he had seen this collection}.

They’re reasonably priced and have so much variety in terms of fabric. There are also plenty of colours to choose from {dibs on the navy blue one!}. We’re sure you’ll come out of the store with at least one in your shopping bag.

What Else Do They Sell?

“Everything, and we have been at it since 1954”, said their store manager. At first, we thought he was kidding. The look on our faces told him we didn’t believe him, so he smiled and assured us that it was true.

He recommended that we walk around and check out all the four floors of the store to believe it. And believe it we did. They have kurtas, kurtis, jackets, herbal beauty products, condiments, and spices as well.

Do check them out when you’re at Connaught Place next time.

You can even shop online here.