Looking For A Budget Stay In Jaipur? Hit Up Zostel



Zostel is a budget traveller’s hostel having hosted travellers from all over the world. Heading to Jaipur for the Literature Fest on a budget? This is for you.

Who Is It For?

It’s most definitely for backpackers, bikers, bicyclists, foodie-nomads, budget travellers, artists, writers and everyone low on budget and high on travel.

How Was Your Experience?

At 300 bucks a night, one gets a place to sleep at, with free wifi and travellers from all over the world for company you can immediately bond with. Being a backpacker’s haven, one is likely to see a lot of travellers lazing around on the couches in the terraces, sunbathing by the pool, reading a book by the lounge, or enjoying a game of Uno in the recreational areas.

Zostel also organizes trips to nearby tourist spots, in case you don’t have any plans or are travelling alone. It’s not only about lodging, Zostel ensures a holistic travelling experience.

You can find them on Facebook here.


You can go here without a travel plan; Zostel will make sure you experience the best of what Jaipur has to offer.