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Ariel Yoga? Lotus Leggings Will Make You Feel Like The Little Mermaid

    Mermaid Leggings

    Lotus Leggings


    We know how much workout clothes matter. Sometimes those black and grey track pants can be so uninspiring. Enter Lotus Leggings with their colourful, metallic leggings in a wide range of patterns.

    Shiny, Happy {Mer}People

    We’re going to introduce to what put Lotus Legging on our radar first: The mermaid leggings. Adequately metallic, scaly and vibrant, these are bound to make your childhood mermaid dreams a reality {with a few alterations, of course}. You can get these in the “traditional” green or go for the chic black, blue or grey. We personally love the black ones.

    And if being a half fish half human isn’t on your to-do list, you can choose from an extensive range of leggings depicting Starry Night by Van Gogh, Chesire Cat, Enchanted Forest, King Of Hearts, striped leggings, animal print or even Mathematical leggings {for your inner geek}.

    On Top

    They also do a bunch of sports bras, which go perfectly with the leggings {it’s a match}. And in case you’re looking for clothes once you’ve achieved your post workout bikini bod, check out their mini dresses and yes, their bikinis {we’re loving all the quirk in this section}.

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      Mermaid Leggings

      Lotus Leggings