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Get Your Daily Evening Dose Of Football At The Football Link

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Ever wondered how to get you kids off the PlayStation and on the playing field? The Football Link doesn’t just engage with children to spread the love of football across the country, but to also promote other sports your child can pick up.

The Football Messiahs

The Football link solely works to promote football culture in the country. With their regular programs inculcating skills that enhance the player’s game, they engage young people through various football-related activities and regular match screenings.

Having originally started in a small space, The Football Link has come a long way. They even have the F-Zone Arena now; a technology-assisted sports academy with dual AstroTurfs, along with sun-proof shade nets and floodlights for those late night games.

What Do They Offer?

Some of their programs include the Squad360 coaching curriculum designed for children from 3 to 17 year olds. You can go for their Pay2Play, where you can just call a couple of friends, pick up your studs and enjoy an hour {or more} of football/cricket.

They’re also starting Yoga, CrossFit and fitness bootcamps, so check them out for your new year’s goals.

How About The F–Cube?

They have a kickass patented technology that every football freak should check out. The F–Cube is an interactive, touch–based device for football and fitness training, skill assessment, cognitive development and practice.

It assesses a player’s development of the skill over time and you can always know how you’re faring in the game as you progress. It also doubles up as a massive screen, so you can enjoy a match or two on it, too.

So We’re Saying…

If you’re a football fan or a parent looking for an awesome coaching academy, or even just want to participate in a tournament, head to The Football Link.


TFL also rents out its massive space to people who want to host events at reasonable rates.