#LBBPicks: Five Tasty Low-Calorie Drinks That Will Keep The Guilt Of Indulgence Away

Lipton posted on 05 January

Started 2017 with fitness resolutions that never saw the light of day? We feel ya! And if you are ready to focus on 2018 and want to kickstart it with healthy eating, then these low calorie drinks are perfect for you. Switch from the carbonated sweet drinks to these delicious beverages that will refresh and energise you. After all, a hectic schedule demands an energetic lifestyle, and these drinks are perfect for that!

Iced Teas

The right amount of sugar, no aeration, and made with real tea – Could there be anything better? Light and refreshing, with a taste that’s not too sweet, Iced tea pairs very well with food. We recommend going for a packaged ones like Lipton iced tea that contain 23% less sugar than soft drinks & does not contain artificial flavours or colours {whoa, healthy much}. Some of the unpackaged ones may not have these benefits.

Cold Brew Coffee

If you’re someone who loves their caffeine intake and are looking for a low-calorie replacement, then cold brew coffees are the way to go. Brewed with freshly roasted coffee beans, this smooth and icy blend will quench your thirst for sure. Brewed in cold water over a period of time to extract the best taste and leave behind the bitterness, this coffee has no sugar, is less acidic, smooth and 100% natural. You can find some at Sleepy Owl Coffee, that delivers this pick-me-up, whenever you need one.


A probiotic black or green tea drink that is made from fermented yeast and bacteria, Kombucha has a wide range of benefits, including improved digestion, greater clarity and mood stability. Beneficial to the liver and detoxification, it provides energy without the downsides of a caffeine high. Get your fix here and we promise, it’s yummy taste will win you over.

Coconut Water

Does your favourite daydream include you sitting on a beach and sipping on cool coconut water? Then make it a reality. With a whole lot of health benefits, a naturally refreshing sweet taste and the ability to flush out toxins from your body, coconut water is the perfect detoxifying drink.

Cold Pressed Juices

Made with 100% natural ingredients, cold-pressed juices are a trend that we can’t wait to adopt. They contain no added sugar and come in some interesting combinations so you have a juice for every occasion. From hangover remedies to detox to cleanse, they are a good solution. And if you want to consume them as juices, they go well with any meal, including pizzas! You can subscribe to your doses from Raw Pressery or Fresh Pressery.

So the next time you are thirsty and water is not your cup of tea, try these alternatives. Whether you pick up an iced tea or detox with kombucha, tell us about your healthy switch in comments below! After all, we’re all ready for some serious #2018goals.