Lipstick Love: From Rosy Nudes To Bold Reds, Try Out Luaer’s Matte Lipsticks!

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What Makes It Awesome

Some days, I walk out of the house without my wallet (I can be a little ditzy) but I never, ever leave my house without at least 3 lipsticks in my bag. It’s probably why I love this online store I came across on Instagram while going through tons of beauty blogs, called Luaer. Luaer’s focused on simplicity; their range of lipsticks is cruelty-free and natural and free from parabens. 

Every lipstick shade has a woman’s name which is another personal touch I loved (sadly, no lipstick called Saloni yet.) They had a few brown-y nudes and pinks, as well as reds. I like to stick to deep nudes so I got the shade ‘Arya’ which is a mauve-nude. It had a really nice creamy matte finish so it was comfortable to wear the entire day. I also loved the look of the ‘Noor’ shade which was a deep red but I didn’t end up getting it since these aren’t the cheapest lipsticks. I love how they show swatches on different skin tones so you can see if it’d work for you or not which is how I ended up picking ‘Arya’ over ‘Ira’ which was another nude I liked. 

They also have a makeup remover that won at Harper’s Bazaar’s Conscious Beauty Awards. It’s a little pricey as far as makeup removers go but if you have sensitive skin that you don’t like messing with, it might be worth it for you.

Price: INR 900 for one lipstick

What Could Be Better

I don’t want to defeat the purpose of their focused makeup line by asking for eyeshadows and foundations but lip liners or lip glosses to complement the current collection would be cool.


If you know someone who shares their name with a lipstick shade from Luaer, you need to get them one as a present. Seriously, how cute would it be to receive a lipstick with your name on it?