Luxurious Ayurvedic Bath, Body, and Hair Care Products by Mantra


A luxury Ayurvedic brand with an impressive range of skin, body, and hair care products in its kitty, Mantra is a great pick if you want to incorporate some natural goodness into your grooming routine.

Herbs, Fully Loaded

Every Mantra product contains a high percentage of active Ayurvedic herbs and has been designed to address specific skin and hair concerns. The best part is that their products contain no parabens, silicones, phthalates, synthetic colours, or other such chemicals, which tend to be used in abundance in other commercial ‘Ayurvedic’ brands.

We’ve used the Kokum Butter & Pistachio Winter Care Lotion; it managed to moisturise dry skin pretty well, although, on subsequent uses, there was not enough slip, something dry skin always craves. Their Fenugreek & Rajanigandha Hair Conditioner is excellent for dry hair; the product is thick and the scent floral, and it works really well in smoothening out frizz {curly-haired women, take note}.

Mantra for Men

We were glad that Mantra had more than a mere mention of products for men. The gentlemen in our crew tested the Barley & Neem Conditioning Cleanser and the Nutmeg, Almond, and Bamboo Moisturiser; the shampoo did a decent job of cleansing the scalp & hair, though it didn’t foam as much as shampoos usually do, {this could be because of the absence of sulphates}. The moisturiser had a mild, herby fragrance and was nice and thick, making it a good option for winter.

Dosha Deals

If too many products have got you confused, you can let your dosha {an individual’s biological energy} determine which product suits you best. Pick the Khus & Manjistha Body Wash if you’ve got pitta dosha, the Ashwagandha & Cinnamon Body Wash if you’re vatta, and Holy Basil & Arjuna Body Wash if you’re kapha. Don’t know how to figure out your dosha? They have a quiz to help you determine that before you go about picking your products.

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