Luxurious Fabrics and Silhouettes in Muted Shades by Encrustd


Made with fabrics like crepe, deluxe knit, and silk, the clothing at Encrustd is delicate, understated, and luxurious—just the way we imagine Upper East Siders dressing up on a casual day out.

Silks and stones

At first glance, the collection at Encrustd seems limited to shades of mostly nudes and blacks, but a bit more digging and you’ll see the occasional midnight blue, army green, and our favourite, dusty rose.

The luxurious fabrics are often treated with stones and sequins, but they’re done in a manner so that the pieces are never loud, but look rich and understated, instead.

Flowy and feminine

We can day-dream about wearing these clothes while lounging around on sofas, chit-chatting with our friends over brunch and Champagne in these clothes {cue Gossip Girl}; with a collection populated with long slip dresses, relaxed silk shirts, and drawstring pants, these pieces have comfort chic written all over it.