Take Your Pup To Parties In This Brand's Designer Clothing For Pets

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No more will your dog or cat have to suffer the hardships of basic, brandless clothing! Kitty & The Woof Gang is a pet clothing brand that’ll customise designer outfits for your puppy or kitten, so they can make a wicked, four-legged style statement.

What Makes It Awesome

Kitty & The Woof Gang is a pet clothing brand that does designer and luxury clothing for dog and cats. By the way, how cute is that name?!

This pet-pampering brand has a super-fun collection for your pets to show off, including (but definitely not limited to) graphic printed sweaters, furry ones, minion print jackets, and shirts with studded collars. The clothes are comfy, and come in all sizes for all kind of animals–everything from XXS to 5XL. And, get this; since the wedding season is around the corner, they’ve also got blingy wedding-wear for your pets! They've also added studded accessories like bandanas, bow ties and more. 

Kitty & The Woof Gang was started by Tanvi Thakur to help make it easier for everyone to find good, comfortable clothing for their pets.

What Could Be Better

If you're a cat owner, you might find that they don't have a huge collection for cats right now–we hope they add some options soon.

Pro Tip

Check out their winter wear for puppers since it's about to get cold soon–you might be able to score them now for a cheaper price.