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Luxury Meets Tradition at the Patlidun Safari Lodge

Aditya posted on 7th March

Ten-Second Takeaway

By the Jim Corbett National Park, nestled above the Shivaliks in a scenic narrow valley, is the Patlidun Safari Lodge, where luxury and local traditions go hand in hand.

An Unlikely Union

Skirting the edge of the Corbett National Park is the opulen, languidly spread Patlidun Safari Lodge. The 13-acre expanse is gifted with twelve inviting cottages and is a gorgeous blend of Kumaoni culture and luxurious living.

The Stars of the Show

The cottages are where the Patlidun experience shines. The two available cottages – Luxury and Premium Luxury – are private, expansive and comfortable. Both types have a backyard space to lounge in, with the Premium Luxury cottages even having a private pool.

Plush beds, metal baths, and antique wooden tables greet visitors. The cottages themselves are built in an ethnic style, to mimic the architecture of the local communities. Think of them as traditional on the outside, lavish on the inside.

Not your Typical Resort

There are, of course, the expected activities available at a tiger reserve. Bird watching and safaris are accessible and the obvious options. Beyond those typical Corbett experiences, Patlidun does have more to offer. The resort prides itself on upholding local Kumaon traditions and has gone to great lengths to ensure visitors experience them.

The food from the kitchens is full of Kumaon flavours, and there is a tea stall run by locals on in the grounds. Antique Kumaon wood has been found, salvaged and restored, so it can be used in the frames of all the buildings. Local craftsmen built many of the buildings, giving them an authentic air. There is even a museum at the resort filled with treasures from in and around the Corbett area.

Anything Else?

The winter months between November to February are the best time to visit the Kumaon region, with the temperature much more bearable and trekking much easier. Not to mention the drive will showcase stunning landscapes.

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Patlidun Safari Lodge


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Patlidun Safari Lodge