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Maa Tara For Perfect Bong Dinners

Aditya posted on 23 August


Market 2 in CR Park has quite a few gems when it comes to Bengali food, and Maa Tara is one of them. A quiet setting for affordable family dinners, they’ve been serving great Bengali food for quite a while {and they pretty much nail it every time}.

Chow Down

Rehu Fry, Chingri Sorisa

Winning For

Simple setting and delicious food. It is a no-nonsense place just meant for people who want to enjoy their meal and have a conversation.

Bae Of Bengal

This place is a favourite for Bengalis across the city {that was quite evident when a random uncle at the joint kept raving about their food and consistent quality once he got to know we were there for a review}. The setting is simple and gives a very homely vibe, and the courteous service staff also helps them score an extra point. It doesn’t depend on great music or gimmicks and has been attracting customers solely because of their quality.

Bhaat’s Cookin’

While discussing Bengali puns, we did gorge on quite a few things at this joint {and we just wanted more}. The menu offers something for everyone, though the variety can have you confused at times. Few dishes here need to be ordered in advance, but they’re definitely worth the time they take.

Our favourites from the menu were Rehu Fry, Chingri Sorisa, Posto Bada, Doi Mach, Chingri Malai Curry and Mutton Kosha {yes, we tried all}. The bhaat, though, was served in crazy amounts, and we did kind of ordered too much. Prawn fried rice demands to be tried at least once, and we are sure you’ll love it. We just did not get why a Bengali joint would serve butter chicken, though {tsk tsk}.

We wish they served more than just cold drinks and water in the beverage section; we would’ve loved a refreshing drink at the end of all that eating.

So, We’re Thinking…

You need to try this place out if you haven’t yet. It’s perfect for a quiet dinner, and worth every penny spent.

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locationChitranjan Park