Red Velvet & Lemon Ricotta Pancakes: This Cafe Has Reopened To Woo Gurgaon Peeps Again

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What Makes It Awesome

This popular neighbourhood cafe in Gurgaon with its all-day breakfast menu and what many claim the best red velvet cake they ever had, has been getting a makeover and has reopened with so much more to love. But most importantly with more tables.

The pet peeve of Madison & Pike regulars had always been that either it's always packed or there is a need for more tables. Now that has been solved! With more seating and the little new 'den' replete with Victorian wallpaper and quirky signs, the new Madison & Pike is cosier and yet more spacious all at once!

What Could Be Better?

Nothing. Perhaps more desserts! 😀😀

What's My Pro Tip?

Order their lemon ricotta pancake. That, along with the oh-so-charming vibe is bound to transport you to New York City's Greenwich Village without an air ticket! 😄 Central Perk feels, all you F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans.

Anything Else?

While in Courtyard Market, step into Rajee Sood's newly opened home boutique right around the corner from Madison! More soho vibes from this gorgeous store, it's truly a fabulous addition to the already quirky Nirvana Courtyard!