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Forget Bars: Make Cocktails On-The-Go With These Margarita & Mojito Premixes

We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve hated what the bartender at a super-fancy bar stirred for us. We’ve also struggled with house parties where our options between Old Monk or cola have felt so damn constricted. Enter &Stirred cocktail mix packs and our cocktail-loving world’s all unicorn and rainbows.  Wondering what this strange, first-world invention this is? These Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary and Margarita are literally one step away from potent cocktails on the fly. Well, think of these cocktail premixes as Jaljeera masala {you know this example works, guys}. You mix it in water, stir it and sip it. You decide how much alcohol goes in, you decide how much of the cocktail goes in and in short, you’re the master of how blurry your evening/afternoon ends up looking. The pack of three {any flavour} will set you back by INR 150. Know what this means? It’ll finally be super-economical to do a DIY cocktail. So, is it bye-bye bars? Well, till the payday at the very least.

So, We're Saying...

Whether you’re behind the bar, or busy being a good, undemanding guest at a party, these mixes will be a saviour. Find more recipes and info here. P.S. BRB, we’re going to order a few for our upcoming hilly long-weekender trips. The thought of looking at the valleys with all the twinkling lights, with our plastic glass of Cosmopolitan is too tempting to even talk about right now.