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Making of #TheMatchBoxStory

Suchita posted on 21st August

We have a new addiction- Instagram. And sure it's awesome sharing pictures, using filters, and hashtagging; But more than self-indulgence, we've made many awesome discoveries through projects and pictures shared by people we follow. One such #InstaVenture is 'The Matchbox Story', by Kanika Bhatia. We caught up with her for more on where the hashtag comes from, the 'process' , and what to expect in the second edition. 

Every matchbox has a story. If it doesn't, create one. #thematchboxstory began out of a momentary lull which soon turned into fascination. I was standing alone with a matchbox {and possibly something else} in my hand and it happened. I took a picture and instagramed it.

The hashtag - #thematchboxstory - came a few weeks later, when the frequency of matchboxes being instagramed increased and a friend suggested we name it. So we did.

The über-complicated way it works is the following |

  1.  I stop at all paanwallas I see and ask them if they have a matchbox.
  2. Buy the matchbox - if it's one I don't already have. On average, I carry 5-6 unsnapped matchboxes.
  3. Whenever I 'feel' the moment, I click.


There's no pressure. Though I own a few 'real' cameras, I've made sure that #thematchboxstory is an iPhone only thing. I try keeping it as on-the-go as possible, so it often reflects the state of mind I'm in, what I'm doing, where I am etc.

The point is, never leave a matchbox alone. Let it tell its story through you. #matchboxeshavefeelingstoo

bag#season2 | The matchbox collection. #thematchboxstory is now on its second edition! 


train#boardingschool | NDLS - DDN is a route frequently travelled while visiting my alma mater - Woodstock School. 


5star#simplepleasures | Only a 90s child would understand.


freedom#freedom |  Delhi rooftops in the monsoons.


heera#dolladollabillyall | Heera on heera {just kidding - that's a Swarovski, I think.}


kohlapuri#365 | A kolhapuri a day.


neta#neta | They don't make 'em like him anymore.


#safesex | pistols


delhi#thematchboxstorydelhi | Coming soon!


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