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Good Boy, Bad Boy, Everyone’s At Mama’s Buoi

    GTB Nagar, Delhi


    One of the newest buois on the block, Mama’s is ideal for when you’re with friends for a chill night out, or even out for dinner with your mama. Easily the best place we’ve been to on Hudson Lane.

    Feast On

    Tender and soft Polo Bell Helene {chicken breasts}, juicy galouti that leaves you craving more, and Fries The Way {you} Want – tikka, nimbu masala, or cheesy – still want more?

    Their dumplings are paper thin and stuffed with deliciousness, their fish is absolutely fantastic, and burgers…let’s just say you’ll be kissing your favourite burger chain goodbye for a while. We recommend you finish off with the Blueberry Kheer.

    Warning: Expect ghar waali feels and major mumma–missing. All in all, the menu will leave you spoilt for choice and the value for money is awesome. Extra brownie points to them for supporting the Robin Hood Army.

    Vibes, Feels, And More

    We loved their playlist. With shisha starting at INR 500, outdoor seating on the top floor, and live sufi music on Wed, Fri, and the weekend, it’s perfect for that chill scene. On game day {if it’s not too windy} you can even expect screenings. Essentially, they stick to soft Hindi and acoustic versions of all your favourite tracks.

    Bonus: they have angithis to keep you toasty on a cold day.

    Anything Else?

    They’ve split the space into three major portions, so if you’re not sure where to sit, just remember – good boys stay indoors, bad boys go up to the terrace, and hellish boys, well you’re going to have to go there and see for yourself.

    Book a table, order, and even pay on their app to get the complete digital dining experience. We recommend you book in advance for weekend dates.

      GTB Nagar, Delhi