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Holler At Manjula Aunty If You Want Amazing Home Cooked Meals


If you’re a resident of Vasant Kunj and want the yummiest, most authentic south Indian food cooked at home {and that too at a pocket-friendly cost}, then Manjula Aunty is the person you should contact.

Who Is It For

Whether you’re a student, are hosting a kitty party or maybe just want to enjoy a hot meal, Manjula Aunty {a Tamilian} cooks south Indian delicacies like no other.

Cooking some mean dosas, idlis, lemon rice, puliogare, vadas and more, this cook knows what she’s doing, and doesn’t charge much at all. A plate of idli, vada, dosa and lemon rice costs as low as 160 bucks a plate, dosas costs 40 bucks a piece and a plate of idli or vada comes for 30 bucks.

Must Have{s}

The dosas are thin and light, fresh puliogare is so much better than the packaged kind you’d find commercially, and she even makes killer sambar powder.

How Was Your Experience

All you have to do is provide her the raw materials and she whips up great food. She usually brings her own frying pan, which is what makes her dosas perfect and she always has the biggest smile on her face.


Give her a day’s notice and she’ll get everything ready for you. While she doesn’t carry a mobile on her right now, you can maybe check with your RWA for a list of home cooks that work in the colony {and see if she does} or probably ask around {it might be tasking but it is worth it}.