If You're A Herbal Beauty Aficionado, We've Found Your Next Obsession

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What Makes It Awesome?

What I loved about Mantra Herbal, apart from the sleek, pastel packaging (I'm always a sucker for great product design), was how earthy it felt to use. The products are organic, and they feel as authentic in use as they promise to be.

I tried five of their products—the Jasmine & Neem body wash, the Jasmine, Triphala and Pearls Body Scrub, the Aloe & Cucumber After Sun Moisturizer, Cinnamon, Honey & Almond Polishing Mudpack, and their Palma Christie & Olive Hair Cleanser.

Of them, the Jasmine, Triphala and Pearls Body Scrub was my favourite—the light fragrance combined with the feeling it gave me of sloughing off the grime of a hot, summer's day was just delightful. The Cinnamon, Honey & Almond Polishing Mudpack was a close second; for me, there was gentle, 20 second burn followed by a soothing pack experience and a feeling of fuller skin afterwards. The Aloe & Cucumber After Sun Moisturizer is also a very refreshing form of after sun care.

What Could Be Better?

I'm hoping to see them grow their range of products even further.

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