March To The Beat Of Djembe Drum Circle In Noida

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Creating awesome music with their fingers and palms, Djembe Circle in Noida is an open Drumming platform and musical circle that’s not limited to trained musicians. This not-for-profit initiative stands for causes and awareness campaigns, promotes harmony through music and helps every single associated member to be happier and stress-free.

Them Drums Be Bangin'

This circle is lead by Vaibhav Chaturvedi, a finance-professional-slash-drum-circle-facilitator along with Sanjeev Samal, Amit Harit and a young zealous managing team. Knowing the benefits of Drum therapy as an ancient way of promoting healing and self-expression through rhythms, this team aims to bring together people from all walks of life, create emotional harmony and help them cope with daily stress.

With the rhythmic drumming and added tunes of the guitar and other instruments like flutes, tambourines etc. this drum circle has slowly built a collective voice and has become a place for people to shed their inhibitions and have a great time.

You, Me And Everybody

With the generous support of some malls, the group assembles at the Gardens Galleria Mall and the Logix City Centre in Noida regularly {every alternate Sunday} and the meetings are coordinated by their head Vaibhav.

While sometimes there is only a handful of people, other times, it is a full house.

Beat The Blues, Literally

These (mostly) amateur musicians sometimes practice for performances beforehand, but the main idea is to play purely for fun. They perform for Raahgiri, and a bunch of other NGOs – their most past engagement have been with Pinkathon, drum jam for autism awareness, walkathon and more. They’ve also recently supported the Bliss Foundation for cancer survivors. Providing therapy sessions to special people and doing corporate workshops. To know more, you can follow them on their Twitter

Contact: Vaibhav Chaturvedi at +91 8285058086


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