Ten-Second Takeaway

Creating awesome music with their fingers and palms, Djembe Circle in Noida is an open drumming platform that’s not limited to trained musicians. This not-for-profit initiative stands for causes, promotes harmony through music and acts as a great mood enhancer for those involved.

Them Drums Be Bangin’

Lead by Debu Mishra, Anurag Chauhan and Ashish Bajaj, Djembe Drum Circle Noida has brought together people from all walks of life to bring about emotional harmony, help cope with daily stress and kick back.

Drum therapy is an ancient approach that uses rhythms to promote healing and self expression. It also allows people to be involved hands-on in a fun activity.

With the rhythmic drumming and added tunes of the guitar and other string instruments, this drum circle has slowly built a collective voice, and has become a place for people to shed their inhibitions and have a great time.

You, Me And Everybody

Photo source: DjembeCircle

Every meet is usually coordinated by the younger members of the group, and with the generous support of Ashish Bajaj, the group assembles at Appu Ghar Express Entertainment City in Noida regularly {every alternate Sunday}.

While sometimes there is only a handful of people, other times, it’a a full house.

Beat The Blues, Literally

These {mostly} amateur musicians sometimes practice for performances beforehand, but the main idea is to play purely for fun. They perform for Raahgiri, and a bunch of other NGOs – their most recent engagement was with Pinkathon and Subroto Cup.

Having grown over the months, they now enjoy a robust social media presence with a Twitter handle {@thedjembecircle} and a YouTube channel that goes by the name of Djembe Circle.

Contact: Vaibhav at +91 8285058086

Follow their Facebook page here.

Featured photo source: Pixabay