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Masala Library

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Masala Library Has Opened And Here's What To Expect

Navni posted on 18th July

Ten-Second Takeaway

The much-awaited Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra is finally opening to the public this evening. Expect classy seating, food presented in the most unusual way you’ve seen {and it tastes spectacular too}, an extensive wine list and top notch service.

Chow Down

Charcoal Bhajiya, Tawa Boti Textures Of Green, Ashen Kulfi

Sip On

Clover’s Club, The Recommended Wine of the Day

Winning For

Stunning presentation and new flavour combinations

Keeping It Glassy

Located strategically on Janpath Road, Masala Library stands out with its white and gold exteriors. Step in and you’ll be greeted by a gigantic glass bar holding every kind of alcohol you could hope for {there’s 80 labels of wine!}. A giant glass chandelier hangs in the centre lighting up the night with all its prettiness.

The tables and chairs are simple and classy; say hello to crisp white tablecloths, ironed out cloth napkins and little bag holders so your precious handbag can just hang around and not be subjected to any dirt whatsoever.

Egging Us On

Masala Library has put together a brilliant Chef’s Tasting menu and if it’s your first time here, we’d strongly recommend opting for this over a la carte, so you can get a taste and feel of what Zorawar Kalra’s molecular gastronomy is all about.

Our tasting session at Masala Library began with a mango pulp shot served inside a ceramic egg with jagged edges. This was followed by a range of snacks, including a deconstructed samosa which essentially looks like a thin cracker, and a galouti kebab with sheermal—you’d never guess what it was till you took a bite and felt it melt in your mouth though, and curry leaf prawns served with a thayir satham foam which is basically curd rice but air-light.

Another starter we loved was the Farmer’s Staple- paratha filled with caramelised onions served with a dollop of white butter.

Floating Our Boat

There are too many dishes on the menu for us to have kept count. However highlights from the mains include the Tawa Boti Textures Of Green which comprised morsels of tender mutton topped with a dehydrated spinach cracker- inspired by saag meat, this one truly won us over. This and the curry bread which is a pretty compilation of the north eastern tingmo and a laccha  paratha served with three different curries- tomato, spinach and korma. They’ve added this for all us of who feel a meal is incomplete without curries, and we’re glad they did. Their in-house breads are super soft by the way.

For dessert, we hogged on the Jalebi Caviar- crisp jalebi in caviar form served with a lighter version of rabdi, followed by the Ashen Kulfi which is… grey! The colour, we were informed, is all natural and comes from burnt banana leaf- we got the smokiness as an aftertaste.

We also got a surprise right at the end when we were presented a small dome of white chocolate filled with raspberry on a magnetic board, done in such a way that the chocolate sits atop a small block and just levitates in the air!

So, We're Saying...

Make your reservations right away if you want to witness some remarkable culinary science.

Masala Library

Connaught Place
Fine Dining