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Head To Masjid Nursery For Budget Options & All The Green Advice You'd Need

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    Looking to pretty up your balcony with pots and greens? Masjid Nursery has super-helpful staff, lots of budget options and even does home-delivery!

    What Makes It Awesome

    If you’re a first-timer, like I was, fret not. The nursery is pretty huge, but all I did was walk up to the first person I saw and asked for budget options which wouldn’t need to be watered every day (busy schedules and all).

    I was swayed by some very pretty colours and ended up buying a whole lot more than I anticipated. They're a reliable option for when you need some green guidance to make an informed decision about your plants. They even have a basic website, but we suggest you make a visit.

    What Could Be Better

    Avoid hoarding on flower pots from here since they’re more expensive than most places. 


    For pots, you can head to Hauz Rani instead and get the same stuff at less than half the price (provided, your bargaining skills are on point).

      Available Online