Get Ready To Upgrade Your Skills Online From The Best In The Game

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What Makes It Awesome

Acting? Think Natalie Portman. Filmmaking? Think Martin Scorsese. Scientific Thinking and Communication? Think Neil deGrasse Tyson. MasterClass is here with literal geniuses to help you chase your passion for photography, cooking, acting, writing and almost everything you can possibly imagine. Ever since Covid-19 has got us practicing social distancing, we have more time on our hands and this makes for a perfect opportunity in honing our skills and even learning new ones. And what could be better than learning straight from the prodigies? Moreover, this is a wonderful place for all those who are headstrong about their careers and wish to learn better. 

They have a plethora of online classes that you can opt for. Film & TV, Music & Entertainment, Culinary Arts, Design & Fashion, Lifestyle, Science & Technology and a few more. Imagine learning music production and beatmaking from Timbaland! Or getting to know about Conservation from Dr. Jane Goodall. MasterClass has online videos in each category by some of the most prominent people, more than 80, from various fields. Everyone is individually teaching about their respective professions, journey and basically how to go about things. 

Each class comes with a class workbook that you can go to. You can go through each class at your own pace and join back whenever you wish to. Each lesson is about 10 minutes and each class contains approximately 20 lessons. However, you are required to register with MasterClass in order to access these online classes. Currently, you can get two passes which have access to all the classes for INR 15,500. 

What Could Be Better

While MasterClass seems really exciting, the subscription fee could seem a bit daunting and so we hope they offer a few free classes for beginners.


The site is accessible on all devices and you can also download their app which is compatible with all operating services.