Different Teas For Every Mood: Brew A Cup Of Mateo’s Natural Leaves

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What Makes It Awesome

Whether you’re someone who cannot go a single day without a cup of tea or an occasional sipper, it’s time to upgrade your everyday tea. Mateo’s tea leaves are gourmet level with the same comfort that you’d get from a warm cup of chai in your hands. There’s all sorts of teas from Masala Chai to Matcha Tea to even Blue Pea Green Tea (say that 10 times in a row.) 

I had to get myself a box of the Blue Pea Green Tea just for the colour. I brewed it for about 5 minutes till it reached a deep blue colour and added lemon and honey to it, and then I topped it with some ice to make it into an iced tea. This’ll probably be my go-to iced tea now when I want something without caffeine. It’s got some antioxidant properties as well as being good for metabolism which is a plus! 

There were also requirement specific teas like Nightime Buddies, Immunity Booster and Yummy Tummy (for digestion) that you can check out if you’re looking for an herbal fix. Or hey, stick to the classics like the Masala Chai which is great because you won’t be scrambling to find all the masalas in your kitchen or Arunachal Black Tea for a strong cup to wake you up.

Price: INR 249 for the Blue Pea Green Tea, INR 199 for the Masala Chai


I’ve used the Blue Pea Green Tea powder for a few things other than just, well, tea. I added a tablespoon of the powder to my smoothie to make an ocean-inspired smoothie bowl and even made a lemonade out of it (that can totally be spiked with vodka.)