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This Lockdown, Make Smart Investments & Get Max Bupa Family Health Insurance

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    Max Bupa - Health Premia Insurance Plan

    Has being in the midst of a global pandemic got you panicking about the well-being of yourself and your family? Do you feel the urgent need to get your finances sorted so you can ensure the volatile economy doesn’t put you in a tough spot? Well, worry no more. We’ve discovered Max Bupa’s - Health Premia Insurance Plan and here are 5 reasons why we’re surely considering it.

    Hospitalisation Coverage & Health Check- Up

    One can never be too careful when it comes to our health, and in times like these, if there’s something we need the most, it’s having a comprehensive health insurance or medical insurance plan in place. Max Bupa takes care of your general Health Check-Ups, as well as Hospitalisation Coverage for up to Rs 3 crores ensuring you and your family never have to compromise.

    Maternity & New-Born Coverage

    For those planning to start a family, Max Bupa takes extra care to ensure your baby is covered  from day 1. This way, while you adjust to a new member in the family and your expenses increase, Max Bupa ensures they balance it out for you by making it an investment worth every penny.

    New-Age Treatment

    With the evolution of healthcare, there are a lot of New-Age Treatments that one can benefit from. But we all know just how expensive that can be. Max Bupa, being one of the best health insurance companies, ensures that not only do you get hospitalisation coverage, health checkups, maternity and new-born coverage, but also cashless access to new-age treatments such as laser assisted, bariatric, robotic treatments and more, making sure you and your family’s needs are always covered!

    Hassle-Free Claims

    Max Bupa Health Premia – Family Health Insurance Plan is available in Silver, Gold & Platinum Packages, so you can choose what suits you and your family the best. When it comes down to availing their services during dire situations, it’s as simple as getting admitted, using your health card, getting validated, reviewed, and having your claim processed. You no longer have to worry or panic about the cost involved, because your health insurance plan with Max Bupa will ensure you get premium health care covered under your plan across their 5000+ network hospitals.

    In-built Travel Insurance & International Coverage

    Everyone, at some point or another, has had to deal with cancelled plans, lost baggage, trip delays and more. Although travel has taken a back seat at a time like this, it’s never a wrong choice to get your travel insured, so you and your family suffer the least amount of loss. What’s more is that with Max Bupa you can avail International Coverage ensuring good health care irrespective of where you are. And if by some misfortune you’ve had a loved one stuck in another country, this is the ideal way to ensure they’re taken care of without any worries of burning a hole in your pocket.

    We’re sure you have plenty of questions and a lot of research you’d like to do before you invest. So, head to the Max Bupa website or download the app on your phone and find a plan that's suitable to you. Waste no time, make the most of this situation and check it out stat!

      Featured Products

      Max Bupa - Health Premia Insurance Plan