5-Fool Proof Ways: How To Do Up Your House In The Maximalist Trend


    If decorating stresses you out, you are doing it wrong. Doing up your home your way can be fulfilling only if you have identified what works best for you. This is where the idea of comfort decorating comes in. Feelings over aesthetics, nostalgia over trends. Maximalism allows you to embrace all your quirks and let it reflect in the way your house looks. The results may be a little kitsch. But is that really a problem? Here are five fail-proof ways in which you can welcome back maximalist decor.

    Step 1: Load Up On Colour

    The best way to get started with maximalist decor is to add colour - lots of it. We love the idea of a colourful space but a lot can go wrong with it if you aren’t careful. To make this fail-proof, begin with a set colour palette. Put together a group of objects as table accents that look like they go together and are a part of the collection. Pick up a colourful upcycled bottle lamp from Pretty Things India. Look for a wooden handcrafted frame from Yatha that complements the lamp well. Add a pretty resin trinket tray or tissue box from Stylish Delights to the mix. A glass owl table decor or candle stand from Ekamatra will make for a great addition too.

    Step 2: The More Artwork The Merrier


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    One of the most attractive maximalism design tricks is to create a gallery wall. You can’t mess this up no matter what you do. Even if you fill every inch of an accent wall with artwork, you will still be on trend. That’s how fail-proof this is. Whether you are looking for graphic posters, stunning art or pun-filled prints, there’s something to suit every personality here. Add ‘greens that don’t die’ to your walls with botanical wall art from here. Want a few hatke options to add to your gallery wall? Check out this list here. GoingDesi and Wall Mantra have a whole lot of options too when it comes to wall art. While at it, don’t miss this list for the most stylish mirrors you can include in your gallery wall.

    Step 3: Comfort Over Aesthetics

    Say goodbye to the fruitless quest for a perfectly tidy interior. Ditch the fussy magazines and heartless influencers that tell you that only Insta-worthy is what sparks joy. Instead, embrace a comfortable muddle of all the things you would love to have in your house. Add tons of cushions, mix and match to your heart’s content. Here, we have a whole list for you. Choosing how you dress up your home is essential in making it as cozy and comfortable as you want it to be. Check out our recos for the most amazing rugs you can get your paws on here. If you're looking for stool, pouf or floor cushions in bright upholstered and textured fabrics, look no further than The Rug Republic. Their cushions will make for great addition to your cosy reading nook.

    Step 4: Nothing Like Too Many Books


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    If you’re a bibliophile, you probably have embraced maximalist decor already. There can be no such thing as too many books, right? That’s what maximalism says too, more is always better. No more storing books where you can’t see them. Stack up your collection on tall bookshelves, or even side tables. Need help to make it look a little tidy? Get chic looking organic baskets from ForestKraft or Kopou Homegrown Products. Conscious Co has beautifully designed book ends, perfect for a console table. 

    Step 5: Rock The Retro

    Vintage Crafts

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    That one object that has seen many generations in your family, which you are still holding onto but have stowed away because it doesn’t agree with the newest decor trends. Bring that out because a maximalist space can accommodate anything vintage effortlessly. Speaking of vintage, you must check out Vintage Crafts on LBB Shop if you have an itch for all things retro that you must scratch. From trumpet lights, old-school brass telephones to vintage camera tripods, brass horse heads — every piece here tells a story. Also check out Picket Fence that offers vintage-style and bespoke furniture and home accessories.


    Check this list out for some more awesome ideas and products (all available on LBB Shop) that you can incorporate in your home decor to ace the maximalist trend.