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Maximalist Is The New Minimalist: Here's Your Guide To Nailing This Over-The-Top Décor Trend

Have you had the urge to turn your home into some kind of eclectic and whimsical art gallery, but felt intimated by the growing popularity of the minimalist style? Fear not, you no longer owe it to anyone to curb your artistic instincts and can go all out with your interiors. The ‘maximalist’ trend {reminiscent of dramatic theatre sets of Classical European plays and whatnot} is in vogue and for good reason.

What Is The Maximalist Style?

It’s the opposite of minimalist. You add everything you love together, irrespective of whether it holds functional value or not, and you don’t stop when it ‘looks enough’. You push the boundaries of how much you can put in the same room, while keeping the look finely balanced between WOW and cluttering overwhelm.

Who Is It For?

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, and if filling every nook and corner of your home suits your personal style, go for it!

How Do I Get The Maximalist Look In My Room?

This trend of excess can go terribly wrong if not done right. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind to understand this style, and to execute it.

The Key is More

This one is obvious, but also an essential feature of this style. There is little room for negative or empty space in the maximalist room. That means no space should be left undone. However, you will need to clearly think it through and keep it in line with the theme of your design.

For example, if you’re going for wall hangings, fill your wall with them! If furniture is what you love, curate and collect different styles to make something unique.

ProTip: Leave little or no space between the images or art hung on the wall to stay true to this style.

LBB recommends: The Quirk Work shop’s open to customisation, so if you’ve got rustic wooden hangings or monograms in mind, DM them on Instagram. Already have a photo or poster in mind, but need to get it framed? Hit up Sharma Framing House in Okhla.

Create Your Own Mess of Colours, Patterns and Textures

Multi-coloured is a big ‘yes’ in the maximalist room style! Mix neons with greys, colour-block with bold colours, have different wallpapers on each wall or mix and match. Pick a flooring in complete contrast to the rest of the surroundings. Mix prints such as checks with stripes, florals with polka dots, tropical with monochromatic and so on.

ProTip: Go for textured upholstery to add more drama to this look, only because, in this style, you can!

LBB recommends: For a DIY, bookmark these upholstery havens. The Wishing Chair, Iqrup+RitzCasa Paradox {Chattarpur} and Safomasi are some of our other favourites for all kinds of fabrics and decor pieces.

Home Décor Stores

The Wishing Chair


86-A, Ground Floor, Near UCO Bank, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi


Mix n’ Match it, Your Way

Free the artist inside of you, and mix and match your favourite styles. Some combinations that work well together are contemporary and vintage, retro and eclectic, traditional and rustic. Use trends generously, such as slogan images with retro pop art {Marilyn Monroe Posters come to mind}. Think a central, dramatic chandelier with modern metal and abstract lamps. Treat your entire space as a divided canvas, and create different styles within those areas.

ProTip: Mix artefacts from different regions and bring them together to create an artistic corner.

LBB recommends: The Paper Store in Shahput Jat is a basement full retro posters you can decorate your walls with.

Final Word

There are so many ways you can create your own gorgeous maximalist room. We hope you’ve found some inspiration for how to work this trend into your own space.

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