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Get Energised With MCaffeine’s Range Of Groovy Personal Care Products

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What Makes It Awesome

MCaffeine is India’s first caffeine-infused personal care brand, and if that has you all perky already, then read on. So, as it turns out, your favourite potion for an anytime pepping up session is as good in a cup as it is in a jar or tube! Yeah, we’re talking about coffee, and as fascinating research suggests, this "wake you up and keep you going" elixir is like magic for your hair and skin, too. Oh, and their products are also paraben and SLS free, phew!

You've probably seen this product all over Instagram, the Coffee Body Scrub; the coffee grounds exfoliate the skin and get rid of dead skin and the coconut oil moisturises the exposed skin. The strong coffee smell definitely woke up our senses and we're hoping a few more uses of this will wake up our skin, too. 

The brand has a range of other products to offer - from shampoos and shower gels to face wash and creams. And we must admit - the difference is evident. The face wash seems to be designed for perpetual party animals and other creatures of the night, removing tell-tale signs of the night the morning after. We suppose the shower gel and shampoo will just be as wondrous, but will probably take a bit of using to totally dazzle us with their energy, so we're still waiting on the results.

Price: INR 325 onwards


Not a coffee person? Well, they also have a Green Tea range now with products infused with the caffeine found in it (we had no clue green tea can give us a caffeine kick, too) that'll get the job done, no coffee brewing necessary.