Ready To M-Eat: Order Now From Meatzza To Satiate Those Hunger Pangs!

    What Makes It Awesome

    Meatzza is here with its awesome range of frozen delights and we’re totally thrilled. From delicious Cold Cuts to Chicken Kebabs and Burger Patties, they’ve got it all. So if your stomachs are rumbling already, we say hold up as we’ve just started talking!

    Perfect for moments when you’re too starved to cook, with Meatzza’s Snackers, you don’t need to anymore! All you gotta do is cook it and enjoy it. Simple, isn’t it? From Chicken Seekh Kebabs to Chicken Popcorn, Nuggets, Hotdogs and more, they’ve got all it takes to tantalize your taste buds. A blend of premium quality meat and the choicest of ingredients, their English Breakfast Spread consists of Salamis and Sausages that are just perfect to kickstart the day on a savoury note. 

    Passionate about cooking? Get your chef’s hat and apron ready because Meatzza has an epic range of delish recipes that’ll get you devouring your meal, once you’re done whipping them up of course! Don’t forget to check out their ready to cook range - Meatzza Fresh that consists of tender juicy cuts of chicken and mutton portions. Convenient to store and cook, their superior quality meat is free from hormones and antibiotics, making their treats safer for you to consume. So if Chicken Meatballs Spaghetti has been on your mind for a bit, now is the time to shake up those pots and pans to make those culinary dreams a reality.

    You can now place your order via Whatsapp at +91 8882134800 with no minimum order amount! Isn't that awesome? If you're a regular at ordering weekly essentials from Big Basket, Zomato or Swiggy, don't forget to add in your favourite Meatzza products to the cart and get it delivered to your doorstep. Easy!


    If you’re placing your order for Delhi or Gurgaon before 3pm, you will receive it the same day. For all other locations across NCR, they aim to deliver the following day except Tuesday. When it comes to Meatzza, stay stoked!