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Meet One of Delhi's Female Uber Drivers!



    Meet 21-year-old Zamarrud Parveen. One of Delhi’s only female Uber drivers, Zamarrud has been breaking gender stereotypes from a very early age.

    Her story

    Originally from a conservative Muslim family in Bijnor, UP, Zamarrud Parveen moved to Delhi with her mother and three younger sisters when she was just 14. During her childhood years, she was instructed to never leave her house or speak to anyone but she strode ahead, breaking out of her shell. Now, she’s thrilled to share her story and chat with any of her passengers {we’re hoping we’re next!}

    Her ambitions don’t just stop here; not only is she one of Uber’s most valued employees {in a period of just two months} but she’s also studying on the side. The now 21-year-old is also pursuing a BA Pass course from Jamia Millia Islamia University.

    Zamarrud Parveen the driver

    With a penchant for highways, where she can drive at 100kmph or faster, Zamarrud also manages all other aspects of her life with admirable ease, whether it’s college exams, taking care of her family, or making time during her busy day for namaz.Her niqab-clad face is full of promise and an inspiration for all of us.

    Her mother, the driving force

    Zamarrud’s mother, Ghazala Parveen, has played a major role in her defiance of societal barriers. She made sure that she educated herself and her daughters {despite facing opposition from her husband’s family} and ensured that her eldest daughter learned to drive. She led the battle against orthodox Muslim rules {and emerged victorious} for her family, paving the way for their futures.

    If Zamarrud Parveen’s dynamism is anything to go by, the times to come only hold greater things for the Parveen family.

    This post was first published on DailyO. Read the entire story here.