A delightful mix of kitschy boutiques, cute stores and restaurants that serve a variety of delicious food, Meherchand Market is the perfect place for Sunday outings. Here are five places you can visit for great food, and a good time.

Diva Spiced

Photo source: Radhika Agarwal

Photo source: Radhika Agarwal

One of our favourites for their well-balanced menu, great wine selection and a staff that is always so warm {and so attentive too}, this pace is just right if you’re craving for some delicious Asian food. 

What To Order: Prawn and Kasundi and Root Vegetables Dim Sums, Broiled Salmon in Miso Marinade

Vintage 31 – Bistro & Cafe

Photo source: Vintage 31- Cafe & Bistro by Navya

Photo source: Vintage 31- Cafe & Bistro by Navya

A cute cafe in the heart of the market, this one is ideal for your Sunday evening tea gatherings. They serve some killer food and every once in a while, you can be a part of a book reading or traveller sessions that take place here.

What To Order: Vintage Meat Loaf, Spicy Grilled Prawns

M I Food Centre

This one is for those who just love tandoor-cooked food. Mostly crowded, this place serves some great seekh kebabs, chicken tikkas and curries, and is a must visit.

What To Order: Roasted Chicken, Changezi Chicken

F.A.T Chef

Photo source: FAT Chef

Photo source: FAT Chef

Don’t let the name fool you: They do not serve anything even close to fattening. The food is guilt-free and yet so delicious that you would not want to miss this. While it is temporarily shut right now, it promises to be back real soon and that too with a bang. 

What To Order: Smoke Salmon Sandwiches, Herb Mezzelune With Prawn In A Tomato Basil Sauce

Elma’s Brasserie

Photo source: Elma's Brasserie

Photo source: Elma’s Brasserie

A dessert heaven in Meherchand Market, Elma’s serves some delectable delights that you definitely want to indulge in. The service is great and the place just makes you keep coming back for more.

What To Order: Ham & Pineapple Pizza, Rev Velvet Cake

Featured photo source: Radhika Agarwal