This Watch Is A Combination Of Great History And Modern Technology!

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Filigree Coin Watch- Jaipur Watch Company


I just bought the filigree watch from Jaipur Watch Company which I ordered from their website and I absolutely love it! It is so fine and delicate that I just can't seem to take it off my wrist!

After I bought it, I did a little reading up on the technique of Filigree and fell in love with my piece of jewellery ( I consider this timepiece one as it is truly so beautiful!)

Apparently, this technique dates back to 3000 BC. Archaeological finds in ancient Mesopotamia indicate that filigree was incorporated into jewelry since then. In fact, a form of filigree using silver and gold wires, known as "Telkari", was developed in the 15th Century in a city called Midyat in Mardin Province in upper Mesopotamia.

This 40mm watch runs on a Japanese Miyota movement; is water resistant, has a Sapphire crystal and comes with a leather strap.  

What got me excited and took my breath away, all at first sight is how the 1938 – 1947 King George VI 1 anna coin sat intricately encased in delicate lace-like filigree work. The coin’s flower-like scallop design further enhances its appearance. Adding to all this history and beauty is modern tech—Japanese Miyota movement.

For me Jaipur Watch Company has merged history with modern technology and brought a special timepiece that is an heirloom.